With Liverpool preparing for the challenging match against Manchester City following the international break the return of Curtis Jones brings a new sense of optimism to Jurgen Klopp’s midfield.

Although the Reds face a kickoff time of 12:30pm at Etihad Stadium they are still poised to improve their league position, similar to previous title races.

Jones’ absence and impact
In the month prior to the match, Liverpool faced a midfield gap due to the absence of Jones. The legend Ian Wright affectionately called him ‘Thanos.’

After serving a league suspension of three matches, the 22-year old is expected to return, possibly changing the dynamic in Klopp’s setup at midfield.

Analogy of ‘Thanos’
Ian Wright’s prophecy that Jones would be compared to “Thanos” unfolds when the young maestro shows his skills on the field.

Wright’s previous declaration, made on the Ringer Podcast Show in which he compared Jones to an impressive force, is in line with Jones’ impactful performances during this season.

Jones: Evolution of Role
Some critics expected him to have the same attacking skills as he did in his Academy days.

He has carved out a niche for himself within the Liverpool XI by displaying game intelligence and setting a high standard.

The so-called “Thanos” has cemented his position in the first team despite the summer’s influx of talent.

Liverpool is Resilient without Jones
Liverpool performed admirably during Jones’ absence. Only a 1-1 draw with Luton marred an otherwise flawless Premier League record.

Klopp’s work on the transfer market in the summer ensured that the team would remain stable in midfield in Jones’ absence.

Return to Pivotal Return
Klopp has welcomed back England’s U21 International to strengthen the midfield for what is sure to be one the most difficult battles of the season.

Liverpool will have a tactical advantage with Jones’s comeback in their quest for Christmas Day dominance.

Curtis’ return to the field of play has Liverpool fans waiting with baited breath. They are eager to see the revival of the midfield maestro they call ‘Thanos,’ and how the dynamics in the league could change.

Jones will use the match against Manchester City to confirm his role as a key member of Klopp’s tactic.






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